Adventures of a Death Knight and a Druid

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She got Jungle Fever (part 2)

“R..R..Remind…me…again…Why are we…here…” Silva stuttered as she stared ahead at their next target. The priest, who went by the name of Venoxis, dwelt within an area of the city named the coil, for reasons that were now apparent to the duo. Hundreds, thousands of snakes, varying from the relatively tiny grassland snakes similar to those found in the barrens, to the giant acid spitting monsters that seemed to be completely at ease around the trolls of the city. Zachariah rolled his feline eyes, and nudged the female forwards with his head, making her armour clatter around as she resisted.
“But seriously…Why…WHY SNAKES!? I hate them!!! They’re all slimy and slithery and disgusting!!” She cried out, causing a light chuckle to escape from the druid. So rare you show your feminine side, Silvacgosa. It could almost be called cute. The voice within her mind rumbled on, causing the Ebon Knight to turn around sharply, and glare at the druid, who shrugged at her.
“It’s you, isn’t it…You’ve been…you know about…” She began, but when she saw the confused look on her companions features, she shook her head.
“Never mind. Come on, let’s just…uuugh…deal with the snakes…” She finished, gripping her axe tightly.
Uuuugh…..Why is it that snakes bother me so? I am a creature far beyond them, and yet, even when I was not in this guise…I could not stand them. It is a mystery… Silva mused as she approached the entrance to the Coil, Zachariah hot on her hooves. The druid ran on as a wave of pain lashed through her. She slowed, and could only watch as the feline tore through the tiny snakes with ease, ripping them asunder. She found herself frozen, unable to move on as her body seemed to shut down completely. What….this…this isn’t fear…This is something else….a paralysis…POISON!
“ZACH! POISON!!” She cried, wobbling forwards before falling to her knees. From inside her chestplate, a tiny red snake dropped, hissing at her with its blood drenched fangs bared. Grunting, she moved her paw up as high as she could, slamming it down onto the snake, letting gravity do its job. The snake almost burst from the impact, bile and acid spweing from its mouth as it let out its last breath.

“Sssoooo, ya be da sssstrangassss sssssneakin inta da Gurub! Yall be makin good ssssnacksss!” A trollish voice spoke from an altar to their right. Zach growled loudly, hunching down on all fours as he stared at the speaker. Rising some twelve feet from the ground, the speaker was not trollish in appearance, but held instead the visage of a giant hooded cobra, complete with fangs and scales. Silva squeaked, before groaning, collapsing to her side as the poison washed through her. Letting out a tremendous roar, Zach charged the snake man before it could react, rolling over and over as his full weight slammed into the Loa priest. Teeth and claws fought each other for supremacy as the two bestial entities tore at each other, raging through the battle. If…I am…no use here…what use…am I…at all…
“RISE!!!” Silva cried out, channeling the dark energies she was mistress of into one of the many skeletal remains that littered the vile den. The bones began to clatter noisily, as the whole body began to shine with the shadow power that coursed through it. Slowly, and more than a little shakily, the bones rose, picked up a sword and shield from the ground, and ran towards the battle. its first strike caught the snake off guard, striking a glancing blow across its back, but the second was parried by the priests armoured skin. This, however, distracted him enough for Zach to plunge his sharp fangs into the priests neck. He clamped down hard, and tore, ripping skin and flesh from the troll, who screamed in pain, before collapsing to the floor.

“That was…surprisingly easy…” Silva mumbled as she tried to push herself up. She felt the soft nuzzle of Zachariahs cat formed muzzle on her neck, and found herself smiling faintly. The druid slowly returned to his true form, and closed his eyes, silently asking the forces of nature to purge the poison from her body. As Silva looked around, her glowing eyes caught sight of something that disturbed her greatly. In a single movement, she pushed herself upright, tugged Zachariah back and thrust her paws forwards, setting them on the shoulders of Venoxis, who had returned to his trollish form and gathered up a sword, which was, at that moment, stuck part way through Silvas chest. The troll looked to the wound, before looking up at the Tauren, a mix of fear and guilt in his eyes.
“That…all you….have left…in you?” She grunted, reaching to the weapon, before pulling the notched blade from herself, tossing it way up high into the air, a faint blue glow around its edge.
“Da Ssoulflaya will claim ya ass hiss own!” The troll screamed, as the sword slammed back into the ground some inches behind him. Silva smirked lightly, and pointed to the sword.
“Lets Dance.” She said, and with that, the weapon seemed to spring to life, an unholy glow around its shape. The troll flinched as the sword swung, narrowly avoiding being cut by the thing. It twirled in the air once or twice, before attacking the troll again, guiding it back against one of the glyph covered stone walls of the Coil.
“Our dance is over. You were a boring partner.” The Knight finished, and with that, the sword lashed forwards, impaling the troll agaisnt the ornate carving behind him. He flailed against the thing, as dark green blood oozed from his wounds, his life slowly slipping away. Silva smiled one last time, before falling fowards, all of her empowered energy gone. Rest easy, Silva. You will recover. The voice echoed in her head as her last shards of consciousness slipped from her grasp.


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Into the Depths of Hell (part 3)

“Core Hounds!” Silva screamed, as yet more of the behemothine canine creatures came thundering over to them. The battle had been progressing now for more than ten minutes now, every time the Knight seemed to finish one enemy off for good, another one seemed to have arrived, eager to take a big juicy bite from the tin can tauren. She hated to admit it, but with the burning curse still etched into her skin, and the relentlessness of the attack, she could feel herself waning. Fight on, Silvacgosa. The words echoed within her mind, barely a whisper, but enough to spur her on. She had no idea who this mysterious whisperer was who knew of her name, nor indeed why they wanted to help her so, but she was grateful for them. She already suspected that it was the druid, but had seen no evidence to confirm this. With a great bellow, she hefted her axe, cleaving the new enemys head clear off its body, before turning to the next hound. several swipes to its body and legs had it felled, and the third one fell soon after that.

“It’s no good! I cannot kill them quick enough! They feed off the heat of each other to heal their wounds. Druid, I could really use some of that nature power right about now…” She cried out, holding back one of the hounds as it tried to press the two of them over the edge of a precipice, into the lava far below. Zachariah nodded, and waved his paws around slowly. After a few moments, a tumultuous cloud of wrath began to appear above the remaining core hounds, and from it, great arcs of lightning smashed downwards, earthing themselves through the hounds, frying them from the inside out. The last remaining hound to be standing gave a whine of pain, and Silva slowly stroked its hide with her glove.””
“I know it hurts, but you will soon know no more pain. Be at peace.” She said, and swung her axe for one final blow. The hit struck, and the last ounces of life were taken from the hound. Suddenly, an almighty great roar echoed throughout the whole cavern, shaking stalactites from the ceiling, shattering them on the floor.

“Wh…what the…What was THAT?” Silva stammered, freezing up as she felt a hot breath blow across her back. Her eyes widened as she saw Zach slowly backing away from her.
“There’s something behind me, isn’t there? Something big, and mean?” She asked quietly, and the druid nodded gently.
“Fight or flight?” She asked, and to her chagrin she watched as the druid assumed his cat-like form, and ran off.

“DAMNIT ZACH! DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE HERE!!” She screamed, propelling herself forwards at great speed, drawing on her own unholy power to move herself at an increased speed. The creature behind her bellowed again, and she could hear the pounding of giant feet against the floor. As she paced up to a small stone bridge that was the only entry and exit to the smaller cavern, she formed an idea. Dropping to the floor as she hit the centre of the bridge, she let loose one of the abilities she herself feared, for once it was unleashed, she had no control over it. She had not used it in company before, for that very reason, but she saw no other alternative. Tiny veins of ice began to creep from her gauntlet, like little catterpillers crawling over a huge tree branch. Slowly, the ice wrapped itself all around the bridge, weakening the heated stone by its rapid cooling. Leaping to the other side, Silva turned to see a giant corehound, nearly thirty feet high, put its first paw onto the bridge. The stone walkway creeked, and when the second paw was place, it shattered. The hound fell forwards, smacking its head on the edge of the gorge, before tumbling down into the magma with a forlorn howl.

“I am impressed, interlopers. You are doing well to best some of our…defenses.” A booming voice echoed from behind the druid, who skidded to a halt a few feet from the speaker. Another of the strange naga men stood, with two guards by his side.
“I am Lucifron, third in command of the elemental forces of Ragnaros the Magnificent, flamewaker Captain. It is a pleasure to meet you, Druid, Ebon Knight. However, it will be even more pleasurable ending your lives.” He sneered, waving a hand at them. The two guards charged forwards, their scaly bodies slithering smoothly on the rocky floor. Zach leapt backwards, transforming quickly from cat to tauren to tree of life. Silva nodded at him with a smirk.
“Oh, so NOW you’re prepared to fight? Charming…” She said, with a light smile. The tree grunted, but smiled too. With a hardy bellow, Silva charged. The battle lasted less than a minute, by which time, Silva had Lucifron pinned against a wall with one hoof, her axe ready to cleave.
“Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” She said, pressing the finely sharpened blade against his neck. The naga squirmed, and glared at her.
“I’ll tell you nothing! You will never face my master! And even if you do, he will swat you like a fly!” he replied, wincing as the hoof was pressed even harder into his back.
“Well, that’s fortunate, because I didn’t really want to know anything,” She said, rolling the axe across the wakers neck, severing his head with one clean movement. She let his body fall to the floor, and slung her axe over her shoulder, patting her gloves together.
“Next time you see a giant core hound behind me, try not to run away…” She muttered, glaring at the druid, who shrugged.

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She got Jungle Fever (part 1)

(Zul’Gurub fun)

“It be good to see some adventurers again! Step dis way, cowmen! Come, sit in ma hut!” A tall, robed, red haired troll drawled as he caught sight of the two Tauren as they stepped off the little coracles that had born them from the Grom’gol outpost far to the south. Silva glanced around the little island, noting with a little unease that there seemed to be a few cages dotted here and there, as well as one of the infamous troll berserkers, a hulking great mound of flesh with muscles thicker than her whole body. hearing a grunt behind her, she turned to see Zachariah, with a slight glow around his paws. She smiled at this reassurance, she gave the Druid far less credit than he deserved, or so she thought, anyway. In truth, she held him in a much higher regard than almost any other entity on Azeroth, valuing his presence and assistance higher than all others.
“Ya, come, come! We got dis big problem, see, an ya gotta help ole Exzhal outa dis bind!” The troll drolled as the duo followed him to his hut, a bambus construction with a covering of woven wool and dried plant leaves. The structure looked strong and light, and the roof above stopped the piercing sunlight from getting to them, and was welcomed.
“We heard from a troll in Booty Bay. There is an uprising among the Gurubashi, correct?” Silva rumbled, her echoing voice made even worse by her new helm, a dark plate with grinning visage, and twin spiked horns rising upwards. grumbling lightly, she removed the heavy plate headgear, and set it down on the floor.
“I dunno bout no risin up, but da Fools! Da Gurubashi an da Razzashi! Dey be workin wid da Hakkari again! Dey summonin Da Soulflayer’s Avatar! Dem trolls neva learn.” The male growled, his thick accent making understanding him a little tricky.
“So you need us to go in and stop them?” She said, her plate glove tapping one of the wood-like poles idly.
“Nah, mons, ya be needed here ta water da plants. O COURSE YA GOT TA STOP DEM! Take dis map, it tell ya who ya gotta…convince not ta do stuff…” He snapped back at her, raising his arms high above his head in exasperation. Silva chuckled at the outburst, she had had dealings with the troll once before, and knew this to be sarcasm from the deceptively smart male.
“OK, Tusk-face, we’ll go deal with your problems for you.” She said with a smirk, and the Troll grinned back at her. Nodding to Zach, she scooped up her helm, and they headed back to the coracles.
“Ya be forgettin someting! Curtsey o Da ‘Khan hisself!” The troll cried, tossing a large glinting metal object over to the two. Zach reached forwards and plucked the thing from the air with ease. he opened his paw to reveal a carved glyph.
“Dat be da Key ta Zul’Gurub. ya use it ta open da door!” The troll shouted, before turning back to his hut, muttering under his breath.
A little time passed as the two Shu’halo adventurers wandered through the jungles of Stranglethorn, shooing away what little wildlife they came across. I fear for this world. Even with the war in Northrend and the ever present threats in the Outlands, Azeroth is suffering from within. The firelord still plots, the Trolls summon Hakkar, and then…there is…the problem with the Spire…I can just feel it…He still lives… Silva mused as she paced up the long low ramp up to the entrance of the jungle citadel. She managed to shake herself from her thoughts as they arrived at the looming door. Zachariah slotted the etched charm into a slot at the centre of the door, and it cracked in half, twisted a hundred and eighty degrees, and, along with the rest of the door, separated.
“Well…I assume that’s whats supposed to happen…” She muttered, and stepped forwards, removing her axe from its position slung over her shoulder. Within the city walls, hundreds, thousands even, of trolls wandered, most of them going about their own business. Here and there, axe wielding guards stood stoic, ready to attack should they see a target, and wild animals such as giant snakes, crocolisks and even panthers wandered around, completely at home beside the trolls.
“Well…how do we go about doing this…Do we just cut and slash our way through, or do we try and talk them out of it?” Silva muttered to herself. She felt a blast of air rush past her, and a light brown blur whizzed past her face. A large bear with tribal markings on its face tackled the nearest Troll, knocking it over as it hacked at the unfortunate victim. Silva chuckled, and swung her axe at a nearby snake, cutting clear through its body.
“So, Hack out way through, I take it!” She called out with a giggle, and the bear gave a satisfied grunt as it charged its next victim. When Zachariah wants to let loose he lets loose..I’m glad he’s on my side The Death Knight thought to herself as she followed on after the fluffy ball of chaos and death.
“The first place we must go is to the right, according to the map. Priestess Jeklik. Aspect of the..” Silva began, but was interrupted as a huge ball of fluff and leather smacked into her, causing her to stumble a few feet to her left. The huge creature screeched loudly, but was cut short too as the huge axe the Ebon Blade member wielded came thundering down atop its head. “Bat…” She finished, glaring up at where the bat had obviously descended from.
“KREEEEE!!!! You will be defeated!!! Foolish outsiders!! Glory to Da Soulflayer!” A female vocie cried from behind them, and before she could react, Silva had been crashed into again, this time by a humanoid with large wings. A flurry of attacks clawing at her armour, and she was only barely able to get any sort of purchase on the slippery grass leading to the cliff-like waterfall that rushed away nearby. The weight was suddenly lifted off her by the bear-shaped form of Zach, who ahd tackled the bat-thing and born it to the ground.
“Chill!” Silva cried, calling forth the deathly cold of the icecrown glacier to encase the priestess, encasing her in a thick layer of ice that she was abrely able to move within. The priestess let out a deathly cry, and from high above, scores of trolls riding giant bats flew, dropping bundles of explosive charges all around. The knight caught one of the charges as it dropped, tossing it back up with all her might, blowing one of the riders out of the sky. A loud roar of pain came from the druid, who had been bitten quite badly by the priestess, and was laying almost limp on the ground. Slowly, he reverted back to his tauren form, and started try to heal himself.
“Now…I’m not happy. Stop this now, Troll, the Soulflayer will kill us all.” She snapped, taking up a defensive stance as she avoided the explosions, her eyes locked on the priestess, who was also reverting back to her true form.
“Ya speak lies! An Ah should warn ya…he be not da only one who can Flay!” She snapped back, unleashing a torrent of shadow energy directly into the taurens mind. Silva screamed loudly, thrashing around as she tried to rid herself of the invisible fingers that grasped at her head, clawing at her brain.
“E…ENOUGH!!!” She cried, charging forwards and swatting the troll to one side with her axe. She let out a cry, long, and low, summoning the embrace of winter to increase her strength and power, before charging the priestess again, cutting her axe into her side, and slamming her against a tree. The relentless attack was followed up by a series of deft blows to the trolls extremities, before culminating in an almighty sweep, knocking the troll off the edge of the cliff.
“Finally…my demise…Damn you….Hakkar…a curse…on your…name…” The priestess gasped as she toppled, landing with a heavy crunch on the tumultuous rocks of the falls. Silva grunted with satisfaction, before turning back to her wounded friend.
“Will you survive, friend?” She asked, and he nodded with a slight groan. Silva smiled, and patted him on the shoulder.
“Then let us continue. We still have four more priests to go…” She said, smirking slightly.

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The Betrayal

“You asked to see me Master?” She whispered as the dull blue green light that barely illuminated the chamber flickered, her own voice enough to make the delicate light waiver.
“I did, young one. Please, come closer.” A strong, confident voice came, booming loudly throughout the whole chamber. The female recoiled a little, before slowly slinking towards the speaker.
“Forgive me, master…it is not often that a youngling such as myself is called before one of the fi” She began, but was interrupted by a chuckle so full of life and vigour that it took all ehr effort not to laugh along with him.
“Truth! You indeed do speak the truth! But you need not worry, Silva! Even though you are in trouble, no harm will come to you!” He cried out, and Silva squeaked in fear.
“T…T…Trouble…Master?” She managed, wriging her digits together.
“Indeed. I have been told that you have not yet given of yourself to our cause. Why have you not done so?” The voice, still full of mirth, asked, the voices owner looming forwards, his large visage filling her sight.
“I…I..That it…I….I cannot trust the one who has conceived this plan! He creeps me out! He” She began, but was again cut short
“DO NOT SPEAK ILL OF HIM” The male screamed, lashing fowards, slamming Silva against the wall. She screamed, and writhed against the grip, thrashing wildly in an attempt to get away from the suddenly angry behemoth.
“HE WILL SAVE US ALL! GIVE OF YOURSELF!!” He screamed, more than a hint of madness in his screams. A sudden smack of her tail sent the huge form reeling back from the unexpected impact.
“SILVA! COME BACK HERE!!!” He screamed as the girl fled from the chamber, twisting and turning through the icy caverns in an effort to get away.
“Hrrrghhh…One alone will not make a difference, especially one so young…she has barely any power to give. Tell Him that we are ready to forge the Item.” He rumbled to one of his consorts, watching with his minds eye as Silva fled.
“But let it be known, should she return, that she is no longer welcome.” he added, a twinkle in his eye.

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The battle for Lights Hope

The ranks were formed. Ten Thousand scourge fodder stood in perfect lines, row upon row of ghouls, skeletal mages, lichs, abominations, all manner of frightful bastions of undeath. From high above, the decaying forces were a sight to behold, even more so than when viewed from the ground. They will all burn for the Lich King. They will all die. The forces outside the Lights Hope Chapel numbered barely three hundred, Paladins of the Silver Hand as well as those of the Argent Dawn. They would swat away the unholy blight with ease…but not the Knights. Almost half the force again were Death Knights, rank upon rank, orcs, humans, draenai, troll, Knights of every race seemed to be present, even a few Goblins, and one or two Worgen. They were all dutiful servants of the Lich King, he who had granted them a second life, a chance to exact revenge upon the living. High above the battleground, Frostwyrms circled, some bearing more Knights, some not.

They will all DIE!!! Silva mused as she looked down upon the battleground. At the head of the army, Darion Mograine, wielding his legendary Ashbringer, tainted by his own undeath, let forth a cry so loud even she heard it, and, as one, the army charged. Swooping down, Silva let loose a volley of icy blasts at the gathered defenders, searing one of the soldiers in a column of bruning chill so strong that his very body shattered within its suit of armour. The roar of fighting and the clashing of swords filled the air, overwhelming her so much so that she failed to notice the huge arrow that was heading straight for her. She dove as best she could, missing the thing by inches, before spiralling down, smashing into the hills behind the chapel.

The battle shifted almost immediately, while the Paladins held such fewer numbers, they were on Holy ground, and were fighting a clear advantage, their holy magic cutting through the ghastly fiends with ease. Upon trying to get airborne again, Silva discovered that the arrow had penetrated a wing, and the appendage was next to unuseable. Glancing round, she saw no choice but to continue the battle upon the ground. A claw swipe inpaled one of the armoured defenders with ease, killing him instantly, as more and more of the scourge swelled around the chapel, slowly eating into the forces of the Light.
“Darion! Cease this impunity at once!” A booming voice bellowed from the chapel. All heads turned to see Tirion Fordring, Grand Master of the Dawn, stood in the doorway.
“Silence, Paladin! I will kill you!!” Darion cried, charging the man with his sword. A single blow was all Tirion needed to cast the Knight aside. Looking up into the eyes of the holy fighter, Darion sighed.
“Bring them before the Chapel!” The master cried out, and the Knights stood firm, ready to fight until they were defeated.
“Stand down, Death Knights…we have lost…” Darion called out, and, somewhat slowly, the Knights did so. Silva watched the proceedings with interest, as the two humans began conversing about the Knight Leaders father. She felt like she should be wanting to rip them apart, but the voice, deep within her head, the one telling her she hated all life, was gone. Her sense of self was returning to her, and she began to recall moments from her own life…and…of her death. He…he killed me…That….Beast… She mused, earth almost shaking beneath her as her mind was flooded with the recollection of her past.
“He set you up, Darion! He knew he could not win today, that is why he sent you, instead, to draw me out.” Tirion continued, but Silvas mind was elsewhere now. She had been freed from the grip of that terrible fiend, and was feeling something she had not felt in a long time. She wanted to go home. She barely noticed as the Lich King arrived and quite promptly got his rear handed to him by the righteous fury of the Paladins, and noticed even less the call to take back Acherus for the Knights of the Ebon blade. Slowly, she paced to the nearest of the Ebon commanders, a blood Elf known as Koltira.
“Forgive me, but I cannot assist in this battle. I must return home…warn my people that the Knights of Death are no longer working for the Lich King…” She rumbled to him. He regarded her with some confusion, before nodding slightly
“I do not know how it is you are even capable of rational thought, but…very well. You would be a burden in such a small hold, anyway.” He said back to her after a while, and huffed at him, sending a soft blast of chilled air around him.
“Capable of rational thought…Huh!” She grumbled to herself, turning away from the male and pacing away.

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Into the Depths of Hell (part 2)

Luck was not on the duos side, for almost as soon as they had dealt with their first target, they were set upon by a pack of two headed deominc dogs. Silva fought strong and hard against the lava-drenched corehounds, but suffered a major injury as she destroyed the last one. As her axe severed one of its heads, it spewed out a disgusting adhesive bile that managed to seep its way through her armour, burning at her skin.
“aagh..This stuff’s burning….it’s weakening me!” She cried out, pulling off bits of her armour in an effort to get the green ichor from her body. As she tugged off her breastplate, the tree-formed druids eyes widened, and he turned quickly, coughing softly. Silva, too preoccupied with the burning solution to care about modesty, grabbed the treants shoulder.
“Zachariah, you’ve got to do something, this stuff is burning me…it’s sapping my life…” She cried out, twisting the blushing druid back to face her. With a slight grumble, he waved his branches over the Death Knights tall form, his eyes closed, trying to feel the nature of the dark magic that was tainting her. He quickly identified it, but to his dismay, found that there was little he could do. Shaking his head, he turned away from the Knight again.
“Nothing you can do? Grrgh…Well…I guess I’ll just have to bear with it until I can wash this gunk off…” she muttered, adding ‘useless damn druid’ under her breath.

Another hour of careful proceeding through the flame ridden mountain core, taking out whatever lay in their way as they began their search for their second target, Baron Geddon, an elemental lieutenant in control of the second half of the vessel. The battles proved to be quite tough for the Knight in her weakened state, having to rely on the magical heals of the druid in battle to save herself from being overwhelmed by the elementals.
“I dislike this…We are encountering barely any resistance, and the monsters here must surely have spread word of our presence…We are walking into a trap, Druid.” She muttered, and the tree nodded with another grumble.
“You Do Indeed, Mortals” a vile, echoing voice called out to them from behind. The two tauren span to see three huge naga-like creature,s with bright orange skin, spikes all over their bodies, and horrible looking faces.
“I Am Gehennas, Hand Of Ragnaros. My Master Has Commanded Me To Destroy You.” The voice boomed, and the three naga creatures lunged. Silva growled, and swung her axe, a bubbling green energy exuding from the hilt as she swung. The weapon struck, spreading the ebon plague she had empowered her blade with to the first of the guards. He screamed, clawing at his skin where the axe had bitten through. With a slight smirk, she thrust her glove agaisnt the same patch of skin, her very touch freezing the air around it, casting her frost fever into the wound. The monster let forth an even louder scream, and collapsed to the floor, writhing in pain, trying to rip his very arm off. Gehennas took this distraction as an opportunity to do a little plague spreading of his own, gripping Silvas head in his claws, and chanting a deep, rumbling incantation. She screamed as she felt a compression envelop her mind, her hooves flailing under her as she was lifted up into the air.
“Suffer My Curse, Mortal.” he shouted, hurling Silva back agaisnt the rocky walls.
“I am already cursed enough, Flamewaker…and I am beyond mortal…” She snapped back, charging the monster with her axe, cutting into his flesh with a loud bellow. She hopped upwards, and called on the earthmother as best she could to aid her in the battle. With a spin, she kicked the large monster in the face, a ring of white light eminating from the impact as the lieutenant stumbled backwards, dazed by the impact. Silva dropped back to the floor, and waivered, the curse of the monster was making it hard for her to focus. There came a rumble from Zachariah as he was attacked by the second of the guards, and Silva cursed silently.
“Call of the Grave!” She cried out, searching within the aether for a lost soul, a poor adventurer who had lost their life within these halls, to bind their soul back to a body for a few brief moments in order to assist her colleague. She found one after only a few moments of searching, and the ground beneath the guard began to crack as a gnarled, rotting claw of flesh emerged, ripping up through the sheer rock to attack the creature.
“Zach, I could really do with a clear head here…” She said, angry not at the druid for not aiding her, but at herself for falling pray to such an easily avoided attack. The druid nodded, and calmly searched the Knights head for the curse, quickly and efficiently removing the obstruction from her mind. Silva grinned, and glared at the last remaining monster.
“Your time is up, Gehennas. If Ragnaros still lives, then his time is almost upon him. STRIKE TO THE HEART!” she said with a smirk, and thrust the pointed butt of the axe she so fondly wielded through the monster, ripping through its body with ease. Pulling the blade back, she looked down at the thing with a sigh.
“If Ragnaros truely is still active, then…we are in a lot more danger than we first anticipated…Zachariah, my friend…were we to pull back now, we might stand better chance of facing the Lord of Flame…” She remarked, but the druid shook his head. She chuckled lightly, and smiled.
“You are right, as always, Druid. Finish what we start, that’s our motto, right?” She said, picking her axe back up, and wiping the magma-esque blood from the hilt.

Another hour of careful proceeding through the flame ridden mountain core, taking out whatever lay in their way as they began their search for their second target, Baron Geddon, an elemental lieutenant in control of the second half of the vessel. The battles proved to be quite tough for the Knight in her weakened state, having to rely on the magical heals of the druid in battle to save herself from being overwhelmed by the elementals.
“I dislike this…We are encountering barely any resistance, and the monsters here must surely have spread word of our presence…We are walking into a trap, Druid.” She muttered, and the tree nodded with another grumble.
“You Do Indeed, Mortals” a vile, echoing voice called out to them

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Into the Depths of Hell (part one)

2 manning Molten Core to farm for Thunderfury)

“Uugh…Dwarves everywhere…I hate Dwarves…” Silva grumbled as she and her travelling companion traipsed through the city of Thaurissan, the underground halls that were the home of the Dark Iron Dwarves. Zachariah nodded in agreement, before letting the touch of Cenarius envelop his entire body, twisting his form into that of a treant. With a grunt, the walking tree paced a little closer to the Death Knight, wary of the licks of flame that could so easily set light to his wooden body.

The two journeyed through the city with relative ease, since the powers of the Knight far outweight that of almost the entire Dark Iron legion. Their first problem came when they explored lower, reaching the depths of the Core of the mountain. Two huge molten giants charged them from nowhere, striking both of them back into one of the stone walls.
“AaacK! Zachariah, are you OK?” Silva asked, glancing at the fragile tree, who nodded, a few leaves falling from his boughs.
“Good!” She said with a dark grin, lunging towards the closest of the giants, smashing her huge, triple headed orc made axe straight into the giants leg. The molten material was easier to cut through than she had expected, and the leg was severed with ease. This did, however, produce a new problem for the female Tauren to deal with. The huge flaming beast began to topple forwards, threatening to fall upon her. whispering a dark incantation, she call for huge shards of ice to encase the monster for as long as they could, allowing her enough time to dodge out fo the way of the tumbling elemental. Turning her attention to the second giant, it took in a deep breath, and letloose a column of flame around her. She felt the touch of the druids magic wrap around her, shielding her from some of the heat that was surrounding her. Gritting her teeth, her whole body baking in her own armour, she¬†paced forwards slowly, readying her axe. As the flames subsided, she charged, ramming her spike covered shoudler armour into its side, ripping through its slag-like flesh with her weapon. The monster gave a scream of pain, and fell backwards, torn almost in half by the triple bladed Axe.
“That could certainly have gone worse…aggh…” She muttered, falling to one knee as the full extent of the heat damage became apparent. Her whole body felt like it were melting, her skin were trying to sear itself away from her bones. In moments, however, she felt the pain subside, as waves of cool refreshing magic washed over her.
“Thank you, friend. I needed that…We have to be a LOT more careful in these sunken depths…” She replied, as the two adventurers picked their way past the two lava encrusted corpses.

Several minutes of careful progressing later, the duo encountered the first of their two targets within the mountain; an elemental lieutenant by the name of Garr.
“This will be a tricky fight…He has supporters following his every move…if even one of them were to attack you, we would likely risk defeat…I may have to use..that..forgive me, druid.” She said, sliding one of her plate gauntlets from her paw. The tree-shaped druid sighed, but nodded reluctantly. As odd a duo as they were, they made sense working together in an odd way. Silva, a knight of the ebon blade, skilling in the ways of darkness and death, and Zachariah, a druid of the Cenarion Circle, dedicated to preserving and enhancing life. While they worked together well, there were some skills that Silva could use that set the druid uneasy. And she was about to use one of them.
“Here goes. Be ready, Druid.” She remarked, and ran towards the huge earthbound essence ad his cache of similarly shaped followers. Slamming her bare paw into the ground, she let loose a portion of her essence into it, purging the area of all vitality and life, creating an aura of undeath and pestillence around her whole body. Slipping her glove back in quickly, she drew her axe, driving it slap bang into the centre of the group, which had just arrived. With a massive cleave, she cut down one of the smaller bodies around the rock elemental, who rumbled something in its own deep language, slamming its fists down onto the Knight. She stumbled backwards, a little dazed by the impact, but none the worse for ware. As she levelled her vision, she noticed that the huge elemental was burning with a purplish fire, that barely licked up around its stone muscles.
“Fairy Fire…NICE!” She cried out, picking her fallen weapon from the ground, and slamming it into the creature again, small chips of stone cracking from its body. Silva could feel her control slipping, and let it, inducing herself into a controlled state of hysteria, her strikes coming relentlessly, her blood fuelled rage cracking through the monsters supporters with ease, cracking pieces of his body apart with every sweep.
“Now….OBLITERATE!!!!” She cried out, a dark glow surrounding her whole body. She charged forwards, slamming into the breaking beast, grabbing it with one paw. With her other, she slammed the butt of her axe into the thigns body over and over, before finally leaving it in. She let loose the energy she had built yup into the wound, and with a silent scream, the monster shattered apart. All that was left was a spread out ile of rubble, and a strange twist of metal that looked like it could be part of a sword.
“And that’s the first half of the vessel.” She said, picking the thing up and slipping it into her pack. “Job done…Now for the second half…”

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The Battle at the Gate

(4 manning AQ20 without a tank with 2 level 80s, a level 67 healer and a level 65)

“I do not like this, Shaman. These ruins reverberate with the feel of death.” Silva muttered as she picked her way through the myriad of collapsed columns and wrecked buildings that made up the pathway she and her trio of travellers were walking. All around them, disgusting oozes and strange, winged stone guardians traipsed, which was not unnerving in itself, but the fact that the hostile aberrations were not attacking them lead the Death Knight to believe that either they truly did not notice their presence, or they were being led into a horrible trap. Were it the former, the moment they were noticed would be hell, for they were bound to be set upon by hundreds of the powerful creatures, but were it the latter, they would need all their wit and endurance for the battle ahead.

A buzzing Silithid flittered across their path as they continued deeper into the shattered remains of the once great City of Ahn’Qiraj, its wings buzzing loudly as it did so. Silva glanced to the Orcish shaman who had joined them in their somewhat foolhardy venture into the ruins, he was already reaching for his mace and shield.

“No. Don’t show any aggression” The huge Tauren rumbled, her dark, echoing voice stern but calm. Truth be told, she was channeling a blast of arctic chill, but had yet to unleash it.
“Why not? They will eat us anyway” The gruff orc replied, his green visage twisted in a scowl of anger.

“Calm yourselves, Brethren. We do not wish to alert the Silithid to our presence” A ghostly voice echoed around them, appropriate indeed for the speaker was Forsaken, an Undead rogue skilled in the art of subtlety and stealth. He appeared behind them seemingly from nowhere, and the Orc gave off another grumble. The second Tauren in the group grunted, and pointed down to a hexagonal doorway some way off. Silva sighed, and nodded.
“The silent druid seems to know where to go. The Horusath behemoth might be beyond that doorway” She said, and the troupe began to once again pick their way through the rubble.

As the quartet entered the hallway, The druid let out a groan of dismay. They could indeed see the target they had been sent by the Cenarion Hold to destroy, a giant blue hawk faced stone guardian by the name of Ossirian, a former Anubisath who had felled Grakkarond, a bronze drake, and had supposedly died in the process, only to be reborn by the power of the Qiraji and of the Old God, C’thun, was pacing around the large amphitheatre, inspecting the score or so of Anubisath that stood as his personal guard.
“By the Earthmother…” Silva muttered, her dark blue eyes glowing brighter as she regarded the legion of giant stone canine warriors. From her own experiences within the Temple of the Qiraji, she knew that one alone of these guardians was tough enough to fell, let alone twenty of them, aided by a being able to slay a dragon with a single swipe.
“What now, Tauren? Do we walk up to them and ask them nicely to turn his head over to us? Should we show no aggression to THESE monsters too?” The wizzened orc snarled at her, sarcasm thick in his aged voice. Silva shook her head, and mental, began counting to ten.
“Well, it was a nice try, but I must be heading back. Poison doesn’t work on Stone, you know…” The voice of the rogue said, as a path of footprints appeared in the sand. Suddenly, huge thorns, massive green vines ripped through the sand, entangling the rogue where he stood, preventing him from moving. Silva glanced to Zachariah, the druid, who was channeling himself through the roots with a grin on his face.
“You’re going nowhere, Rogue. We take them out, one by one. Focus your attacks on the ones I mark, we will succeed. Druid, if you can use your gifts to keep us refreshed and uninjured, we may just prevail.” She said, grabbing the helm from her belt, and fastening the spiked plate metal mask over her face and head. She drew from her back a sword almost as big as she was, styled with orange glowing orb and gilding typical of the Blood Elves, and gripped it tightly in her paws. Glancing to the orc, she noted that he had drawn his mace, a large blue orb covered in runic symbols she recognised as being titanic in origin, he had likely reclaimed the terrible weapon from the depths of Ulduar, as he began to commune with the spirits. She watched the rogue coat his blades with a corrosive acid designed to hopefully eat through the stone of the behemothine creatures, and she nodded.
“Upon my mark….CHARGE! FOR KALIMDOR!!” She cried, and the band rushed forwards.

“My Lord. We have visitors. The foolish tiny races invade our capital.” The leader of the guard commented to the giant blue guardian, who merely nodded at him. As one, the unit of Anubisath turned, and, with massive feet pounding the ground, paced towards the oncoming party.
“Take the one missing the ear first!” Silva yelled as she ran towards her target, her armour clanking loudly as she held her sword forwards. With a lunge, she struck it on the foot, and propelled herself upwards, aided by the wind spirits the shaman had gifted her with, leaving her sword embedded in the foot as she landed on its shoulder. This distracted the beast enough for the rogue to get to it, leap up to its back, and plunge the acid coated blade into its back, the terrifying solution eating through the creatures hide as though it were butter. He leapt back, only to be impacted by a flying fist of a second Beast.
“Damnit!!!” he yelled as his brittle bones cracked under the impact, only to find his skeletal form knitting itself back together under the power of the druid, who was casting his healing abilities into the male.
“Abberation, we could really do with a better tactic than running at them and hoping…” The orc grumbled as Silva leapt back to the ground, tugging her sword free so the towering monster could topple to the ground.
“I’m trying to think…Rogue! Can you coat things other than metal with that poison?” She asked, and the undead nodded with a grin.
“Good!” She cried, her eyes darkening to black as she began to call forth the remnant souls of the countless adventurers who had fallen within this very antechamber. One by one, broken, wrecked bodies began to claw their way through the sand, emerging one by one before pacing to the side of the Death Knight, growling angrily at having been woken from their eternal slumber.
“Coat their claws with your acid. Boys, defeat these monsters for me.” She said, letting her grasp upon the ghouls linger long enough for the rogue to soak them in acid, before letting them go. As one, the ghouls rushed the group of monsters, their sodden claws ripping through the stone skinned monsters with ease.

“ENOUGH!! I will deal with you all myself!!” Ossirian yelled, stomping down to the assembled group. Silva stood ready, hoping that she coul bear the brunt of the gigantic terrors attacks. The almighty fist slammed down into her, and she felt as though her very soul had been shattered within her body. A single impact had taken her from her prime to near death. It was shocking how powerful the blue monster was, as it turned its attention to the Orcish shaman who was calling forth great bolts of lightning from the heavens in an attempt to take the beast down. Struggling to right herself, she felt a whisper within her mind.
“Come back to us, Silvacgosa. Your time is not yet over” She blinked once or twice, her strength seemingly returning to her in droves. Blinking again, she surveyed the scene, watching as the rogue was picked up by the Horusath, and thrown up into the sky. Then she saw it, glinting in the corner of the room. A chance.
“SHAMAN!!! I HAVE AN IDEA!” she yelled, casting a Dark Command at the beast, an ancient technique passed to her by a Dark banshee who had been freed from the grip of Arthas upon the defeat at Lights Hope Chapel, one that allowed her to use dark energy to force a monster to focus itself on her for a few moments. But that would be all the time she would need. Rushing forwards as fast as her hooves would carry her, the Gargantuan terror hot on her hooves.
“ASK THE EARTH SPIRITS TO IMPALE HIM ON THE CRYSTAL!!” She cried, encasing herself in ice as she attempted to save herself from damage enough to survive the onslaught. Nodding the orc called upon the spirits of the earth, asking them to assist him in his task. After a few moments, they agreed, and with a loud crack, the huge spiked crystal rocketed upwards, impaling the monster through the chest. With a cry, she leapt upwards, using the beasts own body to propel herself. With a single swipe, her sword swung true, slicing the stone monsters head from his shoulders. As she landed, she turned, the head landing in the sand next to her.
“Well…that certainly could’ve gone a lot worse…” The rogue said, looking at his limp right arm with a grimace.
“It certainly could have…but it didn’t. Victory for the Horde!” The orc shouted, before trying to pick the giant head up, but failing. Silva grinned to herself, and, with one hand, lifted the huge stone head up over her own.

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Welcome to the Tales

Welcome to the first post of what will hopefully become a lovely little archive of the exploits of my Tauren, Silva, a Death Knight with a past heavier than a pregnant Kodo, and Zachariah, a silent druid who travels with her for reasons unknown.  Essentially, I am adding a nice creative writing twist to the adventures that I have within the World of Warcraft. A fair few of the ones posted are adventures that have happened in the past, our previous exploits, but I will systematically be adding more and more items as I progress in game.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to hearing any comments you might have on the work that I post, good or bad, since the good ones make me feel happy, and the bad ones make me feel superior if they’re spelt badly.

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